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Date: February 18th, 2011
Cate: FDT
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Arrow & backspace keys stop working in FDT/Eclipse

UPDATE 29-01-2013

Just got the tip from Sander Schuurman, that it’s even easier to fix this in Eclipse. Just go the Project Explorer, select your root project folder and press F5 (refresh). Arrow keys are working again.

UPDATE 01-11-2011

It’s claimed that this issue has something to do with a mouse button which is stuck (seems to me that Eclipse’s editor view has some buggy mouse listeners). The latest fix that almost always seems to work, is to simply press all your mouse buttons at the same time. Sounds weird, but recently it has always worked.

UPDATE 01-07-2011

Seems that in the FDT4.5 version killing the dock process doesn’t do the trick anymore. Logging in and out is the only fix I’ve found so far.

Every once in a while I’ve got this problem that my arrow and backspace keys stop working in FDT. FDT is a plugin built on top of Eclipse and that’s where the problem seems to be coming from. It’s been bothering a lot of people on Windows, but I am on OS X. The bug is described here on the Eclipse bugtracker.

I’ve been searching high and low to get rid of it, but it seemed that logging out and in again was the only thing that would resolve the issue. But there is a simpler solution:

  1. Start the Activity Monitor application
  2. Quit the Dock process

After that your keys should be working as normal again.