introducing for your viewing pleasure:

Erik van Nieuwburg

From Rumbling Skies, the company name hardly any Dutch person can pronounce, without implying skiing.

Freelance Digital Creative

What I create?

Over the last 15 years I've led teams, programmed numerous ad campaigns, created web-based & mobile games, built installations and improved user experience for mainly big brands. You can check out some of my work by watching this showreel and my Behance profile.

Whom for?

To name a few: KLM, Albert Heijn, Sara Lee, Vodafone, Telfort, O'Neill, Tommy Hilfiger, Volkswagen, Microsoft, Samsung and Child Protective Services.

And lastly, how?

I'm well versed in agile working, coding (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, ActionScript), but also have a background in NLP and Transactional Analysis. I have a way in getting and keeping people motivated. I'll fight to create the best product possible which means I might tell you: "No, we're not doing that". After 15 years of freelancing in numerous organisations, I'd like to think I've gained a strong feeling for what defines a great product, but moreover, I'll recognize what stands in the way of quality. If I don't believe in the product, the way you work, and are unwilling to adapt & improve, don't hire me.